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The challenge that helps you transform your body in 12 weeks!


LeBodyChallenge is a 12-week fitness challenge created by Valerie Orsoni, healthy living and fitness expert. This challenge is THE fitness solution to get a toned and slimmed body in just a few weeks. LeBodyChallenge is easy and efficient, featuring 3 levels of intensity to cater to all fitness levels.

Exclusively distributed in e-Book format on the LeBodyChallenge website, LeBodyChallenge is a step-by-step fitness training program with over 300 pictures to guide you along the way. Fitness professionals have contributed to its creation in order to ensure the highest program quality and quick results.

Your daily session will consist of:

1 cardiovascular activity of your choice to burn calories and strengthen your heart

1, 2, or 3 strength workouts to tone your body

1 yoga & stretching routine to improve flexibility and lengthen your muscles

Every daily session is unique and can be done at home, the gym, or outdoors, according to your schedule. Each week features a new fitness theme to keep you highly motivated.

Whatever your fitness level (even total beginner) or body morphology, LeBodyChallenge will allow you to shed excess weight and tone your body zones according to your goals.

This guide contains:

12 weeks of strength workouts

12 cardio plans (Constant or Fartlek)

A questionnaire to evaluate your fitness level

A Minimum training level for those days when you are running short on time

A warm-up routine to wake your body up

Detailed explanations on each activity: cardio, strength training and stretching

A detailed and illustrated glossary of all exercises

Motivations tools: my schedule, my photos, my sessions, etc.

Nutrition tips to start out on a healthy diet

List of all required equipment or their substitutions

Tips for every week