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LeBodyChallengeFitness Program12 WEEKS TO TONE AND SLIM YOUR BODY

The challenge that helps you get your
dream body in 12 weeks!

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  • 12-week toning program

  • Cardio, strength training and stretching activities, fully explained!

  • Challenge difficulty adapted to your level

  • Nutrition tips to start out on a healthy diet

  • Motivational tools: my schedule, my photos, my sessions

  • 320 pages inside

  • And much more to discover

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Featuring several levels of difficulty and intensity, our program is accessible to all fitness levels.



LeBodyChallenge will guide you step by step, week after week, with all the tips and tricks you need



A complete program with fitness and nutrition tips for guaranteed results



Join an active community that will support you and help you stay motivated at all times!



Every day, every week is different. You won't get bored!



When Valerie launched this challenge I did not think twice. Her nutrition program, LeBootCamp, had already changed my life (I have lost 25 lbs). And I was right: she changed my life a second time by making me love fitness, and helping me integrate exercise into my hectic life. What I love about this program is the variety of the exercises. We try out new concepts week after week. It is fun, innovative and after 6 weeks I still feel great when I do my daily sessions. No boredom for me!


LeBodyChallenge is an innovative program! It is an all encompassing approach which offers not only a fitness plan but also the right nutrition tools. The exercises change all the time. No repetition. I never get bored. You need between 30 min and 90 min every day. In 4 weeks I have lost 6 pounds and 1 inch around my waist and on each thigh. My body is more toned and my arms are getting ripped. LeBodychallenge is motivating and addictive. I truly believe it is helping me prepare myself for another challenge I have (running a marathon). I am very satisfied with the results.


I chose LeBodyChallenge for several reasons. Firs of all, it's accessible to everyone, with 3 levels of intensity depending on your fitness level. The exercises are well explained and the challenge is also clearly presented. I never get bored thanks to the numerous new exercises I had not even known of before.Seeing my first results very quickly (inches lost) is also a great source of motivation and pride. This challenge has also helped me feel more assertive and has improved my self esteem. I can honestly now say that I love fitness and cannot live without it!


I started out at a pretty low point: absolutely not fit at all, pretty chubby and way too busy for exercise.....but this concept had me at hello! It's unique and it adapts itself to your lifestyle, if you're ready to put in some effort of course. I'm now at week 6 and I'm losing weight, toning my body, and getting more self confident. I'm a fan! It's exciting to discover what's in store every week, I never get bored, and I think this is also one of the reasons LeBodyChallenge works. LeBodyChallenge has allowed me to unearth the fit woman that was hiding within. I do not look at my body the same way I did before...I feel happier and more energetic. I really want to continue the program because the results are highly motivating! And you know what? I don't even care about the scale anymore....I just look at my body and that's enough to make me happy!